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            A wholly owned subsidiary of an Amsoil Dealership, El Paso, Texas

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Welcome to Synpsg!  We are your source for Amsoil Performance Synthetics and only the very best products!  We are dedicated to providing the best in Synthetics...and Service!

Synthetic Engine Oil Benefits:

  • Superior Overall Economy (mpg)
  • Superior Oxidation and Sludge Formation Resistance
  • Superior Wear Protection
  • Significant Environmental Benefits
  • Less Friction = Increased Horsepower
  • Reduced Oil Consumption
  • Less Repairs / Longer Lasting Engine
  • Great for all Vehicles with a Mechanically Sound Engine
  • Adds even more value for Gas friendly vehicles like Honda, Toyota, and many others!  Synthetics are not just for high performance vehicles

Just looking into Synthetic Oil?  Are you asking yourself why Synthetics are far superior to engine performance than that of conventional oil?  There is a significant difference!  Synthetic oil is clearly the best for your engine performance.  Synthetics offer performance characteristics that cannot be matched by conventional oil.

We continuously receive questions as to why we don't carry Castrol Syntec, Quaker State Full Syn, Red Line, Royal Purple, Pennzoil Platinum, and others...the answer is very simple:  We are automotive performance enthusiasts and we will only stand behind what we put in our own vehicles and those products happen to be the industry leaders that add ongoing innovation in addition to providing data to prove and support product performance claims.  Mobil1 Synthetic oil comes from the factory in all Porsche vehicles, Aston Martin, Bentley, Corvettes, Mercedes AMGs, the Viper SRT-10, and so many more.  And what oil consistently outperforms Mobil1 on industry standard tests?  Amsoil.


Mobil1 vs Amsoil - Test results prove Amsoil #1

1.  Amsoil (best performing according to industry 
     benchmarking data/test results)

2.  Mobil1 (used by many OEM manufacturers and
     a close 2nd best at the aggregate of top
     performing synthetics tested)

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